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Hello, (July 21) COVID UPDATE:

We will be out of the office and not responding to (*MOST*) e-mails and calls until at lest August 9 with the exceptions of students booking / rebooking. If you are looking for service there are many many excellent shops in the Guelph area, our focus is training based and only do occasional service by appointment. Feel free to reach out with questions we’ll answer as many as we can.

We will be rebooking classes through June and July with 2 day classes expected to start at the end of July and 2 week classes to begin in early August, these classes will only be available for bumped students at first. We will eventually open up for new registrations in August for late September onward.

We are currently offering a VERY (fully booked until August) limited amount of service as we are operating in our consulting roles.... and riding, lots and lots of riding.



...and go ride a bike !

We are proud to be Canada’s leading full-time accredited bicycle mechanic training facility. Founded in 2005, Winterborne began as a custom frame building facility and has since evolved into a Canadian training center offering a unique educational experience to cyclists of all levels. We are service BY APPOINTMENT ONLY