What are some helpful pointers on truing radial wheels?

I'm running into problems truing radial wheels. I was wondering if anyone had some helpful pointers? I'm doing a front wheel, and the specific issue is that there seems to be a wobble of 0.05mm both ways which I can't seem to do anything about. It's a Mavic Aksium Race rim.

Usually, truing front wheels that are radially laced is really quick and simple. Be careful to use very small adjustments though - a given amount of adjustment makes a bigger impact on a radially laced wheel due to shorter spoke length and lack of spoke crossing(s) that otherwise buffer some of the adjustment.

Check that the rim is not physically bent. If the spoke tension on a couple of the spokes in the area of the wobble, and on the side that you need to tighten to pull the rim over, is already higher than the spoke tension on the side that you want to loosen, then the rim is bent and you're not going to get a decent result.