Bottom Bracket Re-Sizing

Once in a while bottom bracket threads can get damaged beyond the point of being able to be repaired by simply sending a tap through and chasing (redefining) the thread. This would render a bike frame useless. Here at Winterborne Bicycles we have the tooling and experience to save the completely stripped bottom bracket shell. If the ISO threads (1.375"x24TPI) have been destroyed we can ream out the bottom bracket shell and cut an Italian thread pitch (36mmx24TPI) into your existing bottom bracket shell. Most types of sealed bottom brackets are available in both ISO, and Italian thread pitches and diameter, so as you would need to purchase a new bottom bracket after the repair, compatibility issues will not be a problem. This repair can be accomplished on both Steel and Aluminum frames. so don't get rid of that frame because we can fix it for you!

Pricing for bottom bracket re-sizing $79

*note this can only be done for an existing ISO thread, Italian bottom brackets being the largest most available size.