MECH1400 - Professional Wheel Building

Course Dates: 
April 10 2015 to April 12 2015
September 26 2015 to September 27 2015
November 14 2015 to November 15 2015
April 02 2016 to April 03 2016
September 17 2016 to September 18 2016
December 03 2016 to December 04 2016
Wheel Building Course




Wheel building is not an art. It is scientific and repeatable.

Here at the Winterborne Bicycle Institute we take the mystique out of building bicycle wheels and teach our students a step-by-step methodology that results in a wheel that meets the tolerances of the bicycle industry.

Over the 2 and a half days of instruction students will gain an understanding of how to select components for compatibility and specific usage, how to select spokes and calculate the lengths you’ll need, how to select and use purpose designed wheel building tools. You will also be ableto discuss the merits of different materials and lacing patterns, and the impact they have onperformance, reliability and serviceability.

During the course students will build 3 wheels. Using our methodology students will preparethe rim and spokes, lace up the wheel, take the wheel through lateral and radial truring, whilekeeping the centre line perfect through dishing. Layers of tension will be added until the wheelis up to tension specification and the ideal tension is balanced and true.

The cost of this course includes a copy of the WBI Wheel Building Course Book, all the materialsfor students to build up their own set of wheels. Successful students will receive a WBI Professional Wheel Building Certificate.

If you would like to learn more about this course, have a look at our hub, rims, and spokespages to get an idea of the components you will be building with. Then of course when you areready to register then click the on the MECH1400 Registration link which will take you to the Conestoga College secure on line registration area specifically for this course.