Is the cost of the course tax deductible?

Conestoga College issues a T2202 Tuition Deduction tax form for our Pro Bike Mechanics course.  This is sent out from the College in February of the year following the year in which you take the course.  There are three parts to a possible deduction:

1. Tuition fees. The fee for our course is paid to a recognized, accredited community college in Ontario and is more than $100.  Accordingly the College issues a T2202 form.

2. The education deduction (a fixed amount for each month spent as a full-time student) does not apply since our course doesn't qualify as a "full time" course (not at least 3 weeks long).

3. Deduction for textbooks. This doesn't apply since there are no required texts that you need to purchase.

In addition, if you're self-employed (your own business, on contract as a mechanic, etc) then you could legitimately claim travel and accommodation expenses as a business expense.

If you're employed as a mechanic, you might explore having your employer pay your way in return for a written agreement to stick around for a minimum period. If you then quit before that period is up, you repay on a pro-rated basis. All the costs paid by your employer would be valid business expenses in their hands for tax purposes. That's a win-win: you get the benefit of the training, and your shop gets the benefit of a well-trained and accredited mechanic sticking around for their customers.