How are students evaluated, and what's the passing grade?

Students are evaluated in a multi-stage process that encourages and rewards learning through doing, and that emulates a bike shop environment as much as possible. A passing grade is 70%.  During the two weeks, there are three evaluated labs worth 10% each.  Each of these labs verifies that proficiency has been gained in a specific area following two or three prior hands-on labs.  These evaluated labs include wheel building, shift system setup and tuning, and V-brake setup and adjustment.

Another 10% is based on a homework assignment that stretches over the entire course.  Each student is asked to compile a master "assembly checklist" containing all the outcomes one would expect in the assembly of a new bike destined for the showroom floor.

20% is based on a comprehensive multi-choice written exam on the final Friday morning.  All questions are drawn from the homework assignments.

Finally, a full 40% is based on proficiency in assembling a new bicycle.  Local bike shops support us by providing new bikes in unopened boxes direct from the manufacturer.  These bikes range from mid to high level road, mountain, hybrid, touring and urban styles, including brands such as Norco, Devinci, Lemond, Giant and Trek.  Students are evaluated on the assembly and setup of the bike, including all safety and performance considerations.  At the end of the course, the bikes go to the retailers' showrooms to be sold as new.