Head Tube Reaming and Facing

Head tube reaming and facing is an operation typically handled at the factory during the initial manufacturing of the bike frame. Reaming is an operation that refers to the machining of the inner diameter of the head tube in order to produce the ideal press fit of the headset cups. Facing is the operation that makes the head tube ends flat, and square to each other. In a lot of cases frames will get powder coated after the initial reaming and facing procedures. Powder coating is thick and can be unevenly distributed on the face of the head tube. Even with a properly adjusted headset, headsets can be damaged if these faces are not square to each other. Here at Winterborne Bicycles we have head tube reaming and facing tools, and we have the experience to handle this type of repair for our customers.

We have Head Tube Facers to accomodate all head tube diameters, and the ability to machine bicycles made from steel and aluminum.

We have Head tube Reamers in the following sizes:

  • 1" professional 30.05 for 30.2 headset cup outer diameter (OD)
  • 1" JIS 29.8 for 30.1 OD
  • 1 1/8" 33.9 for 34.05 OD


  • Head tube facing $49
  • Head Tube reaming $49
  • Head Tube reaming and facing combo $80