Rear Triangle Re-Spacing

With the modern popularity of the fixed gear bike, many cyclist are acquiring classic steel frames like nice old peugeots, and Bianchis and installing fixed gear and single speed hubs into the rear triangle of the frame. Problems quickly arise in that the rear triangle spacing of these old beauties are set for 127mm or 130mm hubs, and most fixed gear, or single speed hubs have an outer locknut spacing of 120mm, which makes them incompatible. 

Here at Winterborne Bicycles we can resize your rear triangle so that the hub sits just where it's supposed to, right in the centerline of the bike. We will use a frame alignment gauge, calipers, and dropout alignment tools to re-size your rear triangle and get your hub to fit perfectly in alignment with the centre line of your frame. Please note that before you contact us with this repair that re-sizing can only be done on a steel frame.

Pricing: $60