Spoke Length Calculations

The First time I ever built a bicycle wheel I tried to calculate the proper spoke length using a calculation found in the appendix of Jobst Brandt's "Bicycle Wheel". Not being a "math guy" I was in way over my head trying to figure this calculation out, and ended up going back and forth to the bike shop a half a dozen times after lacing the wheel up and finding out that I had the incorrect spoke length. It was frustrating, but I chalk it up to a learning experience.

Wheel builders know how important it is to have the proper spoke length on hand when it comes to building a wheel. Spokes are sold in 1 millimeter increments, and calculations yield spoke lengths to within 1/100th of a millimeter. This level of accuracy is a must to building a proper wheel. Here at Winterborne we will preform your spoke length calculations for you, so you can initiate your wheel build with the proper lengths and avoid the frustrating experience of having to unlace and start all over again.

The cost for this service is $15 for one wheel, and $25 for a set. If you are purchasing your spokes from us we will include the spoke length calculations free of charge. In most cases we don't even need your hub and rim on hand for this service.