Wheel Services

At Winterborne Custom Bicycles we also offer high quality wheel-sets customized to your cycling specifications. All wheels are built in house by a Certified Wheel Technician, so you can rest assured that every wheel-set will be built to the tightest of tolerances. Each and every wheel is built for the intended cyclist in mind, as weight and strength are critical for wheels. Choices include Road, MTB, Touring, Track, and commuter wheels.

WE USE DT SWISS DOUBLE BUTTED COMPETITION SPOKES. After you select your hubs and rims, all wheels are assembled with double butted Dt Swiss Spokes. Why double butted? Mostly because double-butted spokes offer superior strength to a straight gauge spoke. The weakest part of a spoke is at the bend, where the spoke enters the hub flange, typically this is where a spoke will break. Because a double-butted spoke has a smaller diameter around the middle of the spoke stresses will be relieved in this area, which translates to less stress at the bend. There are some weight savings in using a double-butted spoke as well, however that's more of a co-benefit of using a double butted spoke. We can also supply bladed spokes, straight pull, straight gauge, any just about any other type of spoke necessary for your desired build.

Every wheel is built using the most modern tools available to wheel builders, including tension meters, dishing gauges, and a wheel truing jig. 

For customers looking for TECHNICAL ASSURANCE, all wheels are dished repeatedly through out the build. Each wheel is calculated to optimal spoke tension, and each spoke is tensioned to within 10% of every other spoke. All wheels are checked with a dial gauge and are straight (true) to within 0.2 mm both laterally and radially. 

Pricing is $50 per wheel, and an additional $10 if the you decide to have the option of spoke head washers installed.

Spoke Cutting and Threading

Winterborne Bicycles owns a Phil Wood spoke cutting machine. This tool allows us to preform spoke cutting and threading operations. The machine is extremely accurate, and allows precise spoke length cutting to within a millimeter. The 56TPI thread that is produced is an extremely precise high quality rolled thread. We only use high quality stainless steel spokes, which are available in a straight gauge 2.0 diameter. In post production we clean all cutting fluids from the freshly cut spoke, and supply a DT Swiss brass spoke nipple, and DT Swiss spoke head washer.

Spoke Length Calculations

The First time I ever built a bicycle wheel I tried to calculate the proper spoke length using a calculation found in the appendix of Jobst Brandt's "Bicycle Wheel". Not being a "math guy" I was in way over my head trying to figure this calculation out, and ended up going back and forth to the bike shop a half a dozen times after lacing the wheel up and finding out that I had the incorrect spoke length. It was frustrating, but I chalk it up to a learning experience.